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Welcome to the Elena Macías Foundation web site!

The Elena Macías Foundation is a non-profit organization created to improve and enrich the lives of the children of Agua Verde, Sinaloa, México through scholarships and gifts of items essential for growing and developing.

The pueblo of Agua Verde is a small village with very difficult economic challenges. Most children there have very little, yet their desire to do well is strong. The Foundation tries to lift some of the economic burden for the most needy, yet academically promising children. This is done in the form of financial assistance for education.

It is the philosophy of the Foundation that the children who benefit from financial assistance are responsible for maintaining or improving their grades, and providing service to their community so that our investment in them is repaid by their investment in the village where they live.

Donations to the Foundation are warmly accepted, and are tax deductible.

Please look around this web site. We strive to show you how much we have accomplished so far, and how much still needs to be done. We hope that our work will inspire you to become a supporter of the Foundation.


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