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About the Elena Macias Foundation

Elena Macias, a native of Jalisco, Mexico, immigrated to the US in 1947, and settled in San Diego, California. Over 30 years ago, Elena was invited to visit friends at the little fishing village of Agua Verde, in Sinaloa, Mexico. She began visiting every year, making many friends in the village. Every time she visited, Elena was touched by the poverty in the village and especially how it affected the children. Each year she collected clothing and other necessities to bring to the people of Agua Verde on her next visit. She was always looking for ways to help the very poor of the village.

Over the years Elena helped many people, and as she got older, she decided she loved the people in the village so much; she wanted to be laid to rest there. Elena told her family and friends that she knew her friends in the village would not forget her and would pray for her if she was laid to rest near them.

When she passed away, in 2001, her daughters, Gloria and Gwen, granted her wish and laid her to rest in the little village cemetery. They decided they would make the trip each year to visit her, and to continue her legacy of helping the people of the village, in particular, the children.

In 2004, Gloria and Gwen, with the help of close friends, formed the Elena Macias Foundation, and held their first fundraising event. Since then, each year over 1,600 pairs of shoes are distributed to every child in every preschool and elementary school in the village and other nearby villages. Our Foundation has also funded the purchase and installation of water filters, bathrooms, playgrounds, lab equipment and other improvements for the schools so the kids can have an environment conducive to learning.

In 2005, a scholarship process was developed, and that year, with the help of individual sponsors, 20 at-risk junior high children received tuition, uniforms, shoes and school supplies for one full year of school, and another 10 sixth graders were provided with school supplies for a year. This program is offered to the neediest and deserving children, to fund their education beyond the sixth grade, which is the level of education most children receive in this village. This program has expanded, and this year, we expect that more than 70 worthy students will receive scholarships.

Our non-profit foundation enables us to collect tax-deductible donations and apply for grants to do more for the children of Agua Verde. Our goals are

  • to make improvements to the schools
  • to provide more educational support for the children to enable them to get through high school
  • to continue to provide shoes and toys for as many children as possible

We appreciate any help you would be willing to offer, and we thank you in advance for your contributions.

Please contact us for more information, to make donations, or to sponsor our fundraising events.

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