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2005 - 2006 Sponsorship Candidates Announced

Date: 22 Nov 2005

Hello everyone,

I have emailed to new and exisiting academic sponsors a list of kids who have applied for a 2006/2007 school year scholarship, as well as the kids who are already in the program. This is a follow up to my November email which included a timeline. I am a bit ahead of schedule because I was able to collect applications when we were in Mexico a couple weeks ago.

If you are an existing sponsor, I need to know if you plan to continue your sponsorship this year. I will need your donation by early July. If you are a new sponsor this year, and have already made your donation, I attached your name to one of the kids on the list. Let me know if you want to change my selection.

If you told me you want to become a sponsor, but have not yet made your donation please confirm that you still want to become a sponsor, select the kid(s) you wish to sponsor from the attached list, and send me the name(s). I will need your donation by early July.

If you would like to send your donation now, please send your check made out to:

Elena Macias Foundation
2307 Harewood Dr.
Livermore CA 94551.

Please note on the check that this is for the scholarship fund.

I will also need a picture, if I don’t already have one, which you would like me to present to your sponsored child, and that I can add to our sponsors collage (see our pictures on our web site). You can either email your picture to me, or send it along with your check.

Thank you so much for all your support. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gwen Matsu
VP – Finance
Elena Macias Foundation

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