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Anual trip to Agua Verde to deliver shoes

We just returned from the first of our twice yearly trips to Agua Verde, and surrounding villages. There were 11 of us on this trip, and again this year we handed out about 1,400 pairs of shoes to kids between kindergarten and sixth grades. The shoes were purchased with the proceeds of last September’s fourth annual Fiesta.

We also donated new playground equipment for one of the kindergartens, a full set of equipment for the electricity lab at the Junior High, and we distributed a lot of used clothing that many of you have donated.

I am very pleased to announce that we are seeing more of the parents and teachers step up and participate in the improvement of their kids’ schools. The schools have all been recently painted, and there is now an active movement at the junior high to get the parents involved in their kids’ education, and the improvement of the schools. This is something that has been seriously lacking for many years in Agua Verde.

We also visited with our 56 scholarship kids, and gave out a second installment of school supplies and shoes. It is looking like we will have a much smaller drop out rate this year. The kids seem to be doing better with maintaining their grades.

More good news! Three of our scholarship kids (all three girls) will be graduating high school in June, and are preparing to start college in September. One plans to study nutrition, one will major in Business, and the third wants to go to Law School. We will have some bigger expenses next year for these girls, and hope to be able to continue to support their studies.

The EMF board would like to recognize our volunteers who made the trip with us, and worked very hard to get the work done:
-      Charlene Sugawara (this is her third trip!)
-      Sandy Luna (second trip)
-      Bonnie Kline (first trip)
-      Cindy and Taylor Stafford (first trip)
-      Miguel Lerma (he is from Agua Verde and now lives in LA)
-      Dennis Matsu (my husband, who has made every trip with me, and supports us in so many ways)
-      Rosio Anaya de Leon (a friend who traveled from Aguas Calientes, Mexico to join us)
-      plus Board Members: Gloria and John Purcell, and Gwen Matsu.

I hope this gives you an idea of the work we are doing. Our next trip will be in August, to deliver scholarships. Our scholarship cycle is about to begin. See the calendar for details.

Gwen Matsu

Please see the slide show wih photos of this event


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