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Agua Verde kids learn English in nearby Rosario

Here are some pictures of our English students from Agua Verde. They were at the high school in Rosario on the day these photos were taken, taking an English exam and using the language lab that the principal there has permitted us to use. The principal was there interviewing potential incoming students and took these pictures.

EMF donated the air conditioners you see in some of the pictures.

Students visit the lab one Saturday every four weeks and, from what we understand, they enjoy it. We've had some of our jr. high students drop out of the class, but the high school kids seem to be doing great.

This is a really good technical high school in Rosario. The principal there is awesome; he really cares and it shows.

Unfortunately, it costs five times more to attend this school than it does to attend the other ones in the area. At first, EMF was only paying partial tuitions for the kids who decided to attend this school (CONALEP) but it wasn't enough. The kids still couldn't afford it. So, last year the board voted to pay the full tuitions because the kids are getting what they pay for: a much better education. In fact, we are suggesting to the kids coming out of jr. high that they seriously think about attending CONALEP.

The Elena Macias Foundation is constantly seeking ways to provide a better education (and a better educational environment) for some of the underprivileged but promising students of Agua Verde. These students have a real chance to break the cycle of poverty that has held back their families for generations.

You can make a very direct and very meaningful contribution to the life of a hard-working and deserving Agua Verde student who may not even be able to finish high school without your help. Won't you consider sponsoring a student this year?

Call (925) 292-9994 if you need more information.



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