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Donation Delivery - México - April 2005

We arrived, packed to the gills with used clothing, school supplies, and even a TV and VCR/DVD player for the kids. The foundation purchased 1,000 pairs of shoes. Every child in the village, from pre school through 6th grade would get a pair this year. We had to unpack and sort all these shoes! Shoes were handed out class-by-class, one child at a time. The children loved their new shoes.

We visited the school for special children. They were so happy to see us. There were hugs everywhere.

The middle school held an assembly so we could tell them about our scholarship opportunities. Every child here received a notebook, pen and pencil. That doesn't seem like much, perhaps, but the students in Agua Verde were very appreciative.

The kids came out to thank us and wish us a safe return for next year. We're excited about what has been accomplished in 2004 and 2005. Won't you help us accomplish even more next year?

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